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Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) System Introduction

Point of Sale Systems Buyers' Guide

If you work in retail or hospitality, one of the most important business tools you can have is an effective electronic point of sale system (EPOS or POS). At its most basic level, an EPOS system is a computerised cash register that accepts most forms of payment and keeps track of your sales. This in itself is an improvement on conventional cash registers. At its most sophisticated, an EPOS system not only takes in money; it gives you financial reports that enable you to get the best out of your business and increase your profits.

But there can be problems. Changing to an EPOS system isn't easy - you have to be careful that it meets your business needs and that it's cost effective. An inappropriate EPOS system will waste your money and time, and will increase rather than eliminate inefficiency.

This BuyerZone Point of Sale Systems Buyers' Guide has been written to help you make the right choice of EPOS system. It will explain:

  • the advantages of EPOS systems
  • EPOS system essentials
  • the hardware and software that's available
  • pricing and after sales support
  • how to choose an EPOS system supplier
  • tips on making your purchase

Above all, the EPOS Buyers' Guide will give you the knowledge and confidence to make an effective decision between the products that point of sale systems manufacturers will offer.

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