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EPOS System Prices

Point of Sale Systems Buyers' Guide

Manufacturers rarely sell POS systems direct. Instead authorised suppliers provide the hardware, the programming and installation expertise, and the system support. Most of these suppliers are well-established and can offer finance arrangements including lease agreements as well as straight up purchase. While correct at the time of publishing, this guide to EPOS system prices is intended as an indicative overview of the market only. We recommend getting quotes from several suppliers to get the most up to date figures.

Customised EPOS System Prices
The price of a customised POS system is difficult to estimate as there are many variables. These include the number of items of hardware and the work required to adapt the software, if necessary. Expect to pay from £2,000 for a one terminal system.

Off-the-shelf EPOS Systems
Entry level, off the shelf POS systems for small restaurants start at £495; basic systems for shops begin at around £675. More advanced standard systems for both retail and hospitality are between £1,500 and £2,000. You will need to install and programme these systems yourself.

Barcode Scanners
Hand-held laser scanners range in price from around £99 to £200. An omnidirectional embedded scanner is about £300.

Touch Screen EPOS Monitors
The price of EPOS monitors varies according to the size. A 12 in (30 cm) screen will cost £370 - £475; a 19 in (48 cm) screen starts from around £550 and can cost up to £750.

Hand-held Terminal Prices
These vary widely in price from £335 to £1600 each.

Keyboards are £45 to £165. Those with magnetic strip readers are around £110 to £155.

Freestanding Magnetic Strip Readers
You can buy these for £60 - £100.

Chip and PIN Machines
You can rent chip and PIN machines from your bank. Alternatively, you can buy them for £180 to £600. Do ask your bank if the machine you have in mind is compatible with its system.

Cash Drawers
These range from £60 to £300 depending on size and security features.

Thermal Printers
A thermal printer will set you back around £200. A bar code label printer costs more: over £500.

EPOS Software Prices
Standard software prices start at £300 and finish at around £2,000. The size and type of business affect the price. Customised software may cost considerably more since you'll have to pay for the services of a programmer.

EPOS Training
If your EPOS system supplier does not include on-site training with your package, expect to pay £600 a day.

Related EPOS System Costs
  • Cost recovery. You should expect to recover your costs over time thanks to the benefits of lower expenses and enhanced sales that a POS system will bring you. Therefore, balance the price against the confidence you have in the POS system supplier.
  • Used POS systems. Treat these with caution. Even if the hardware seems okay, the seller won't be able to transfer the software licence to you. This means you'll have to pay for upgrades and support
  • Finance. Normally, you'll have to buy your POS system upfront rather than lease it. Banks accept that POS systems are useful additions to any retail and hospitality business, however, and are prepared to offer loans to cover the costs.
  • Software upgrades. As with any software, you'll be able to upgrade to better and bigger systems, depending on your needs. Unless the upgrades are minor, you'll almost certainly have to pay extra for them.
  • Additional hardware. If you want to buy more hardware - additional terminals, for instance - it's best to stick with the type you already have. You can then ensure they'll work successfully with your software.
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