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Introduction to Air Compressors

Air Compressors Buyers'' Guide

Just about every industry uses air compressors in one form or another. Whether we're talking about small, portable air compressors used in workshops or larger fixed air compressors for industrial use, very few buildings are without one. They are found in manufacturing, medical, dental, catering and building facilities environments for applications ranging from powering machines to cleaning.

Air Compressor Power

In the manufacturing sector, air compressors supply the power that drives machinery and robotic tools. This means that tools such as impact wrenches, brad nailers, reversible drills and polishers are lighter and cooler to handle. The use of compressed air is so common in this area it’s on a par with other power sources such as electricity and gas.

Among the many other industrial and domestic applications for air compressors include its direct use in inflating tyres; keeping dust from sensitive electronics; and spray painting.

Buying an Air Compressor

This Air Compressors Buyers' Guide helps you understand what air compressors are available and shows you how to get the one that’s best for your needs. It explains

  • the different types of air compressors
  • the features of air compressors
  • issues around air quality, heat and noise
  • how to get the right size air compressor
  • operating costs
  • how to choose a dealer
  • prices and tips on buying

Armed with this information, you can then obtain free details of a range of air compressor dealers in your area by filling out just one quick form.

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