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How to Choose an Air Compressor Dealer

Air Compressors Buyers' Guide

Most dealers can offer you a wide range of air compressor models. They may, however, favour a limited number of manufacturers so you need to get quotes from a selection of dealers to obtain the best deal.

As with any other equipment purchase, it’s easy to let the specifications, features and claims sidetrack you so that you end up bemused and making a decision on price alone. This is never the best way of buying an air compressor because there are some important issues to consider – see the sections of this Buyer’s Guide that deal with the types of air compressor, air compressor features, air compressor sizes and air compressor operating costs.

And when it finally comes to choosing an appropriate dealer, these other factors can also help your decision.

  • Understanding. Does the dealer understand what you want from an air compressor? Is the dealer making a real effort to meet your needs and give you accurate advice?

  • Service and repairs. How often do you need to have the air compressor serviced and how much will this cost you? Does the dealer have spares readily available? Does the dealer have trained staff that are able to repair your air compressor or will you have to hunt around for a compressor mechanic?
  • The manufacturer. Ask the dealer if the air compressor manufacturer has a full range of machines. If not, there’s a danger that the manufacturer is simply dabbling in the market and not providing a committed service.
  • Dealer expertise. A similar point applies to the dealer. Does the dealer sell air compressors on the side or are they a major part of the business? After all, you want a well established, specialist dealer with good contacts among the air compressor manufacturers.
  • References. Obtain references from the dealer and contact these former customers. Ask them how happy they are with their air compressors; whether or not the dealer carries out repairs quickly and efficiently; and if they’d buy further compressors from the dealer. Also ask for opinions about how the dealer could improve the level of service.

You may also know people who already have air compressors. By speaking to them about their compressors and the companies they bought them from, you can gain a wealth of valuable information to help with your choice of machine and dealer.

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