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Debt Collection Buyers' Guide

What is Debt Collection?

Waiting for a clients bill to be paid to you is one of the most frustrating parts of running a business, especially when that bill is grossly overdue...

How Debt Collection Companies Work

The one function of a debt collection company is a simple one: to reclaim money that you're owed. However, as you may expect, there are different ways to do this and different business models that these agencies use...

Debt Recovery and Cashflow Management

It makes no difference which industry you are in, clients who default on their financial obligations to you can cause a problem. This can greatly upset your cashflow situation...

Hiring a Business Debt Collection Company

Once you decide that you need to employ a debt collection agency there are of course things you need to consider...

Debt Collection Fees

The payments made to a debt collection agency may seem an irritating by-product of the situation, but it is collateral that is well worth the money - in more ways than one...

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