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Choosing a Merchant Card Services Company

Credit Card Processing Buyer's Guide

When choosing a merchant card services company, you should gather quotes from as wide a range of different suppliers as possible. Make sure you get quotes from your business bank account provider, other banks and dedicated merchant services companies. You should then consider a number of other criteria.


Ask merchant card sevices companies for references from businesses similar to yours, testimonials from previous clients on their website or try to find online reviews from other users. Try to find answers to the following questions:

  • Will you be able to speak to the credit card processing company at any time with requests for help?
  • Will you receive prompt and accurate answers?
  • Is there evidence of bad experiences with the company over fraudulent payments?
  • What support charges can you expect to pay?

Internet Card Payments

Security of payment for internet sales is all-important for both you and your customers. If you don't possess a suitable server with the ability to encrypt credit card details, make sure the credit card processing company can do this for you. Confirm that the company has online security protocols such as secure sockets layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS).

Merchant Card Services Company Credentials

If you're in any doubt about the legitimacy of a credit card processing company then obtain its address, phone number and company registration number, if available, and contact the government-sponsored Financial Services Authority (FSA). Its advice can help put your mind at rest.

The FSA website is

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