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Credit Card Processing Services Tips

Credit Card Processing Buyers' Guide

Besides those covered in earlier sections of this Buyers' Guide there are several other considerations to take into account when chossing a credit card processing company.

Credit Card Payment Transfer Times

Always ask providers of credit card processing services for the time it takes to clear each type of transaction, whether it's via the internet, over the phone, by post or at a shop. The faster the times, the better your cash flow.

The Contract Details

Check your contract thoroughly before putting your signature to it. Ensure you can understand the level of fees, the minimum charges, the length of the contract, and the termination details. If not, don't sign the contract until you've obtained written clarification.

Long-term Arrangements

A long-term contract with a credit card processing company may help you negotiate better terms, but if you're disappointed with the service you may have to pay a large fee to end the arrangement. A shorter contract period, especially if your business is a new venture, may give you greater flexibility.

Low Introductory Rates

If a credit card processing services company offers you low introductory fees, make sure you know when the offer ends and what the company will then charge you. Also check any wording in a contract that mentions fee increases. Companies will almost always maintain the right to change their fees, but don't sign a contract that doesn't offer an introductory rate but still ties you to a given automatic increase.

Project Your Costs

It's worth matching your credit card processing services costs to your sales projections. You'll then have an estimate of your annual processing bill.

Consider and Compare

Don't rush your choice of credit card processing services provider. Obtain quotes and details from various companies and compare what they're offering. The right decision can save you money and ensure a smooth, trouble-free service.

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