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BuyerZone users' credit card processing requirements

We ask users of our quote request service to describe their credit card processing purchasing requirements in detail so the vendors we match them to can provide customised information in response. Now we're sharing these responses with you.

We hope these comments help you get a sense of what types of credit card processing other users are choosing and what considerations are important to the average buyer. Take a look and you'll likley find some responses that are relevant to your business.

BuyerZone user comments: credit card processing purchasing requirements

"We sell travel consultancy services to an international customer base. We use PayPal at the moment but it is rather expensive at 4%. Ideally I would prefer the customer to enter the information online but I am happy to take details over the phone and do it myself if it is much cheaper."
-- Partner/Principal, Travel/Hospitality, Warwick, Warcs

"We are Security company which deals with Static Security, Man Gaurding, and we provide I.T troubleshooting on phone aswell"
-- Buyer, Other Business Services, London, Essex

"We have two stores in the new forest. This one sells china, linens furniture cookware etc."
-- Partner/Principal, Retail, Lymington, Hampshire

"Pay at point of sale service transactions - all in store"
-- CEO/President/Owner, Other Business Services, Gravesend, Kent

"Provider of outdoor training and outdoor activities in the Lake District"
-- CEO/President/Owner, Travel/Hospitality, Kendal, Cumbria

"Low cost food , sandwiches tea coffee and bakery products"
-- CEO/President/Owner, Retail, Sheffield, South Yorks

"We have a high throughput restaurant which is seasonal we can put as much as 500.00 per day on cards"
-- Partner/Principal, Restaurant, Lynmouth, Devon

"Dental Surgery.Terminal required so that patients can pay their dental bill"
-- Administrative Assistant, Health Care, Manchester, Lancs

"We would like to take credit/debit ard payments for our small hotel"
-- Partner/Principal, Travel/Hospitality, Braunton, Devon

"Software sold online. Customer supplies credit card details to activate a free trial. At the end of the trial the customer is charged a variable amount at set intervals, typically monthly. "
-- General Manager, Other Business Services, Sherborne, Not Needed

"We are a web based business turning over approx £1m per anum. 75% of our turnover goes through c/card facility which is predominantly processed via a web terminal over the telephone. we also accespt online payment however this is only for a couple of our courses and adds up to approx £15K - £30K of our trunover per anum"
-- CEO/President/Owner, Education, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

"Download products only phone contact with customer service be able to give full refunds if customer not happy with product estimate transactions per month to start 50 need secure method of accepting online credit / debit card payments "
-- CEO/President/Owner, Education, London, London

"We have a lease with Llods TSB cardnet. I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a new agreement and I am shopping around for new merchant accoutn quotes. WE are also looking to add distace sales transactions"
-- Partner/Principal, Retail, Wigan, Lancs

"We design and build garden buildings in the price range of £22,000 up to £50,000.One or two clinets have enquired about purchasing using credit cards. Our transactions would be few, but large!"
-- Partner/Principal, Other Business Services, Over Kellet, Lancashire

"We are a provider of short term cash advances and have a requirement for debit card merchant processing facilities with an virtual terminal in order to collect repayment of cash advances"
-- CEO/President/Owner, Financial Services, London, London

"We are a tool shop selling DIY tools and tools to the trade"
-- Partner/Principal, Retail, Wadebridge, Cornwall

"Business type = Opticians.products= Glasses, contact lenses, sight test etc."
-- CEO/President/Owner, Health Care, Manchester, Lancashire

"Florist, taking orders over the phone and on the internet."
-- Buyer, Other Business Services, Wrexham, Wrexham

"Looking for a virtual terminal - free if poss, with no set up fees"
-- Accounting/Finance, Financial Services, Cardiff, S Glam

"Online sale of golf clothes and parties where a GPRS terminal will be required."
-- CEO/President/Owner, Retail, Little Dunmow, Essex

"Aerial/satelite installs and various other av installs.Need a method to accept visa etc but will be traveling all roung the midlands we dont have a shop."
-- Partner/Principal, Other Business Services, Cannock, Staffordshire

"Please be kind enough to quote me on your charges on credit and debit card transactions. "
-- Partner/Principal, Health Care, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

"We need to take payments over the phone, and through our web site"
-- Accounting/Finance, Advertising/Marketing/PR, Manchester, Greater Manchester

"No but i think that credit cards and debit cards are the best things toy use and conveint for the customers."
-- Partner/Principal, Other Business Services, St Austell, Cornwall

"Wholesale supply of plant material to landscape design market on pre-ordered basis ie. NO CASH & CARRY. Customers are vetted before credit is issued."
-- Partner/Principal, Wholesale, Henely On Thames, Oxon

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