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Aerial Lift Safety Checklist

Access Platforms Buyers' Guide

Using an aerial lift requires a comprehensive health and safety appraisal. If you or your employees will be suspended in the air you need to make sure that the working environment is as safe and secure as it possibly can be.

Take Responsibility for Safety

If you are hiring a machine then the health and safety of the machine should be maintained and explained by the supplier, but it is vital that you do your own checks as well.

If you are purchasing a machine, especially a pre-owned piece of equipment, you should perform stringent checks on the condition of the machine before purchasing and then at regular intervals.

What Checks to Perform
  • Keep the operating manual with the machine at all times.
    The operating manual will offer individual safety checks that are specific to that machine so you should always keep the two together.
  • Make sure that all platform rails and restraints are safe and in working order.
  • Anti-static straps.
    These should always be in place on all machines that have non-marking tyres: they earth the machine and negate the threat of workers getting electric shocks.
  • Check the Work At Height Regulations (WAHR)
    As well as the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) guide on working at height before commencing work.
  • High speed cut out facilities.
    All machines should have high speed cut out that stop the machine from moving beyond a safe speed when fully extended.
  • Safe working in wind.
    All machines have a maximum wind speed at which it is safe to work. Check the maximum wind speed in the operating manual and be sure to adhere to it. Working beyond this accepted limit is extremely dangerous.
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