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Counterbalance Forklifts

Forklift Trucks Buyers' Guide

Counterbalance forklifts are the design of a forklift truck that most people imagine when thinking of warehouse-ready forklift trucks. They have the lifting mechanism at the front attached to a cab for the driver and are usually powered by an electric or fuel powered motor.

How Much Can They Lift?

These forklifts come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and the normal models are capable of carrying anywhere between 1000-16,000kg of load.

The much bigger models can handle a massive amount of weight: some of the biggest can comfortably move 50,000kg, but these machines are usually reserved for very specific uses.

They can be used inside or outside, have incredibly tight turning circles and some models are designed to fit comfortably down very narrow aisles and passageways.

How Do You Choose the Right Model?

The best way to select which model of counterbalance forklift you require is by working out the size of load that needs carrying and the height at which it will be lifted to. Once you have these measurements it is possible to narrow down the type of machine that will best suit the purpose.

Do the Math

By researching the machines that are available and doing your maths regarding the height and weight requirements of your specific job specification you will be able to find a machine that ticks all your boxes.

Don't Overbuy

Some suppliers may try to up your spend by trying to convince you that you would benefit through buying a bigger, more expensive machine than you actually need. However, if you have done some research you should be in a good position to select the right vehicle.

Get Some Advice

If it is the first time you have purchased a forklift it may be worth getting some advice and recommendations from friends or colleagues who have more experience.

A forklift, especially if you are choosing to buy a machine rather than rent or lease one, is a big investment so you should make absolutely sure that the one you are choosing really is the best model for your needs.

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