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New and Used Forklift Truck Prices

Forklift Trucks Buyers' Guide

The price of your forklift will depend on the specifications regarding weight and height as mentioned above. It will further be altered by how you wish your new machine to be powered and whether you wish to buy a new or used model.

Buying a New Forklift

A new forklift truck will cost you anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 depending on the make, model and which supplier you deal with.

Buying a Used Forklift

If this seems too much for you to spend then you may benefit from buying a used forklift.

For a basic forklift you should be able to pick up a used or ex-demo model for about 5000.

However, when purchasing pre-owner equipment for you should bear a few things in mind:

  • How old is the machine and has it needed any repairs?
  • A used machine is more likely to break down and any downtime will cost your business time and money.
  • How often will you be using the machine? If you plan to use the machine for more than four hours a day then it is almost certainly worth investing in a new forklift rather than saving money on an old model.
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