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Introduction to Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide

The abundance of iron ore and the discovery of how to mass produce steel were two of the key driving forces behind the industrial revolution and the elevation of Britain to the status of 'workshop of the world'.

Steel Buildings for Versatility

Steel is an incredibly versatile, strong and hardwearing material which makes it ideal for use in building. Due to the ease and speed of construction, not to mention the much cheaper costs when compared to traditional building materials, steel buildings now dominate industrial sites and retail parks across the country. They are the modern incarnation of the first metal building to appear in the UK: the Nissen hut. A mining engineer, Peter Nissen, invented these tunnel-shaped, corrugated iron buildings in 1916, and for years people used them as garages, store rooms and sleeping quarters.

Steel has since replaced iron but the general principles of the Nissen hut remain:

  • factory prefabrication
  • corrugation for added strength
  • cement flooring

Today, these commercial steel buildings come in all sizes from small sheds to massive warehouses. They’re quick to build, easy to insulate and last for years. And they’re cheaper than other building materials such as bricks.

Purchasing a Steel Building

Whatever you require for your business, a commercial steel building can be a fast and cost-effective solution.

This Buyer’s Guide explains

  • the benefits of commercial steel buildings
  • the building process
  • design factors
  • issues around size
  • how to set about the buying process
  • how to choose between the building suppliers
  • the prices
  • further tips on buying

With all this information you'll be ideally placed to pick and choose between the large number of steel building suppliers based throughout the UK. Alternatively you can use our free quotes service to save you time and money: just fill out just one simple form and get up to four free quotes for your steel building project today.

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