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The Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide

With steel being such a malleable and versatile building material it makes sense to design and manufacture buildings off-site, in factories containing the right machinery and with god proximity to raw materials, and then deliver them to site in time for construction. As a result teh vast majority of steel buildings you'll encounter will be pre-engineered steel buildings. Their advantages are manifold and include:

Speed of Construction

A large pre-engineered metal building, manufactured in pieces at a factory and delivered to site with assembly instructions is ready for use in eight to twelve weeks instead of six months or more.

Labour Costs

The explicit and easy to follow assembly instructions mean that a construction team can put up a pre-engineered steel building much easier than a brick or block building and do it in super-quick time. This can help save significantly on labour costs as less workers are required for less time.

Low maintenance.

If well designed and properly installed the maintenance requirements of a pre-engineered steel building can amount to little more than cleaning the gutters.


Manufacturers often attach 20 to 30 year guarantees to steel buildings. In practice this indicates that the building is likely to last much longer.

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