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Outline of a Steel Building Project

Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide

Steel building projects, while considerably simpler than a project of similar size using traditional materials, nevertheless have a series of phases.

1. Steel Building Design

First you need to establish the size and shape of the building; the number, type and position of windows and doors; any interior work such as dividing walls; and any exterior features such as mountings for signs and lighting.

2. Steel Building Blueprints

A specialist architect now takes your design concept and with the help of a draughtsperson creates a blueprint and precise specification for the building. The blueprint takes account of materials and relevant building regulations such as maximum height and overall appearance.

3. Planning approval.

You must now obtain planning approval from the council that has responsibility for your proposed site. You may already have sought and gained outline planning permission but you still need the council's consent to proceed. If you're in any doubt about this part of the project, speak to the council's planning department before you begin phase 1.

4. Manufacture

Once you have agreed the blueprint, the manufacturer produces the building's steel framework and panels. Note that the manufacturer will not make any interior walls or partitions: you'll have to employ builders to construct these separately.

5. On-site

In the meantime, the on-site builders are digging the foundations and laying the concrete base to the required standards. As with any building work, the local council's building inspector reviews the quality and depth of the foundations and base.

6. Steel Building Construction

The manufacturer transports all the parts of the building to the site for assembly. The builders use bolts in pre-drilled holes together with screws and rivets to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

7. Finishing Touches

These include plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, heating, windows, doors, insulation and interior walls.

8. Final Approval

The building inspector returns and checks every aspect of the work.

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