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Prefab Metal Buildings Design

Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide

Your prefab metal building design must be practical and legal. Your architect will normally make sure that the relevant national and local building regulations are adhered to but you must still provide a design concept. In order to do so it helps to be acquainted with the basics of steel building design.

Some practical aspects to consider when designing prefab metal buildings:

  • The type and position of doors. Do you, for instance, need access for forklifts? Are loading bays in the right position with respect to the road?
  • The surrounding area. Do you need a delivery area suitable for large lorries? Do you require parking areas for customers, visitors and staff?
  • Disabled access. A commercial building, public building or place of work will probably be required to provide wheelchair access.
  • The development land. Can your building team simply dig the foundations with an excavator or will they need to blast through rock? If you don’t know the answer, employ a surveyor to advise you.

The legal requirements partly depend on the location of the site. In addition, you may have to account for:

  • Drainage. This applies to both rainwater, wastewater and sewerage. For indutrial and commercial buildings there may be environmental laws to take into account.
  • Height. You may have to limit the height of the prefab metal building in keeping with the surrounding structures.
  • Style. There may be limits to your choice of prefab metal building style. see the next section for more info on the different styles of building available.

Never push ahead with your project until you have satisfied every legal requirement. The council may well insist on the restructuring or even demolition of a prefab metal building that doesn't meet all appropriate standards.

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