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Commercial Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide

Acquiring a steel building is a large purchase and will usually involve several parties ranging from architects, through a construction company, to building inspectors. There are several stages to the process and lots of things that can go wrong along the way so there's every incentive to be cautious and make sure you're protected in the event of mishap or the failure of any one party to deliver on their obligations. Always check your metal building contract carefully, especially if you sign separate ones with your contractor and metal building supplier or manufacturer.

  • Substitution. Beware of a contract clause that allows manufacturers to substitute alternatives if the materials originally specified are unavailable. In principle this clause is valid, but ensure you have the right to approve substitutions: you don’t want cheaper, lower grade materials than the ones you’ve requested.
  • Detail. A contract full of detail may be daunting but this is far preferable to a document containing vague references. When it comes to every item that forms part of your metal building, your contract should spell out brands, models, thicknesses and ratings as appropriate. You need to know the quality of the material used for your building.
  • Separate contracts and responsibilities. Make sure that if you sign separate contracts with commercial metal building contractors, suppliers or manufacturers, each one tallies with the other. Any relevant dates must match, and responsibility for the phases of the project must be completely clear to everyone involved. Confusion will lead to delays and, if something goes wrong, one company will almost certainly blame another.
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