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Steel Building Prices

Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide

There are a number of factors involved in the design, manufacture and construction of a building, be it for commercial, agricultural, industrial, public for leisure purposes. As such it's very hard to estimate steel building prices without requesting quotes from suppliers. The variable factors incude:

  • the price of local labour
  • the location of the site
  • the size of the building
  • the transport costs of the manufacturer or supplier
  • specifications such as insulation, internal panels and the number of doors and windows
  • the necessary electrical points and lighting systems

To give you some idea, the foundation costs are around £55 per square metre (£5 per square foot). Bear in mind that contractors include foundation costs in their estimates but manufacturers and dealers do not unless they’re managing the whole project.

Labour costs are included as part of the quote for assembling your metal building. If a contractor gives you an hourly rate for labour, ask for a complete quote that covers all labour costs so you know exactly what you’ll have to pay.

A guide price for a standard rigid frame metal building is £137.50 per square metre (£12.50 per square foot). This price is for a basic building without insulation and interior panelling. It includes, however, delivery, the foundations and construction. A metal building with more features, to suit a retail outlet for example, may cost around £209 per square metre (£19 per square foot).

If you buy them separately, the price of the steel framework and exterior sheeting is likely to cost you £44 - £121 per square metre (£4 - £11 per square foot).

Despite the extra cost, insulation is a worthwhile investment because it conserves energy and increases the value of your metal building if you sell it at a later date.

Small Metal Buildings Prices
At the opposite end of the market, you can buy a 2 x 2.5 m (6.5 x 8 ft) gable metal shed for about £200. If you use slabs as your foundation, these will cost between £50 and £100. If you want a metal garage 3 x 6 m (10 x 20 ft), you’ll pay around £1,100 and about £900 for a concrete foundation.

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