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On-site Storage Container Uses

Storage Container Buyers' Guide

Two of the most basic decisions to make about a container purchase are what you are going to store, and where you are going to put it. Here are some uses to consider:

Use Business/location
Records; additional stock Shops; wholesalers; offices
Extra office space General offices; building sites; any industry working on location
Chemical storage Any company that must keep chemicals in a secure lock-up away from other buildings
Building and engineering materials Business addresses or on site
Equipment for athletics Sports grounds; schools
Machinery Any venue where this must be stored securely and out of the weather
Disaster equipment and facilities Military/government
Furniture; household goods; tools Self-storage for home owners
On-site Storage Container Delivery

Bear in mind that flatbed lorries deliver the containers. These vehicles need appropriate access to your site.

You also need a level piece of ground for the container, although the nature of the surface isn’t so important. Tarmac, concrete, packed earth or gravel are all usable. What matters is that the ground is firm and does not have drain covers or similar.

A forklift truck can remove the container from the truck, depending on the size and weight. Alternatively, the lorry will have onboard lifting gear. For the largest containers you may need a separate crane. Whatever the option, you must have an area that gives plenty of room for manoeuvre.

By-laws may affect the proposed location of your on site storage containers. Always check with your supplier, and your local council if necessary, about these.

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