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Storage Container Sizes

Storage Container Buyers' Guide

As you might expect with the huge variety of uses, portable storage containers are available in a range of sizes. Most manufacturers still build them to imperial specifications set out by international shipping standards, and while some suppliers quote on this basis, others use the metric equivalents.

Standard Container Sizes

The most popular size of container is 6.1m long and 2.44m wide (20’ x 8’). The height is usually either 2.44m or 2.59m (8’ or 8’6’’). Internal dimensions are 5.74m long, 2.24m wide and 2.12m / 2.24m high (18’8’’ x 7’4’’ x 6’9’’ / 7’4’’). The size of the door opening matches those of the internal sizes (width and height). Cubic capacity is 33.1 cu m (1,170 cu ft).

The approximate weight of a 6.1m container is 2,500 kg (5,512 pounds).

This size of container is relatively easy to transport and locate. Larger containers – 12.2 m long (40’) – can store significantly more: 94.6 cu m (3,340 cu ft). But they are more expensive to deliver and will usually need additional doors to the back or sides. This means you need extra room around the container for access.

Alternative Container Dimensions

Examples of alternative sizes commonly available include the following. The sizes given are for the length and width.

  • 2.44m x 2.44m (8’ x 8’)
  • 3.05m x 2.44m (10’ x 8’)
  • 7.2m x 2.44m (24’ x 8’)
  • 9.1m x 2.44m (30’ x 8’)

It is possible to find mini-containers 1.83m (6’) long, or huge storage units 16.46m (54’) long. These are uncommon, however, and suppliers will not always have them. Containers are also available in 2.74m (9’), 3.05m (10’) and 3.66m (12’) widths, and “High Cube” containers with heights of 2.9m (9’6’’).

Stacking Storage Containers

You can stack most storage containers. In fact, a forklift can not only remove a 20’ container from a truck, it can also place it on top of another container. If this option is right for you, the supplier can also provide purpose-built stairs.

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