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Storage Container Rental & Lease Prices

Storage Container Buyers' Guide

If you want a portable storage container, you have three basic payment choices: outright purchase, rental, or leasing. Each method has its own advantages and drawbacks so read on for a full discussion.

Storage Containers for Sale

This is the obvious choice for a simple storage unit that you want long-term. And once you’ve finished with the container, you’ll find there’s a market for it as long as it’s in usable condition. Some suppliers may even buy it back from you and refurbish it.

A standard steel container, 6.1m long by 2.44m wide (20’ x 8’) will cost you somewhere between £1,100 and £1,500 new. A used but renovated equivalent is around £800.

Modifications can make a significant difference to the cost. The above new container converted for chemical storage, for example, can cost £2,400. And an anti-vandal office style container can be over £4,000.

There are some reasonable prices for used 12.2m by 2.44m (40’ x 8’) containers despite their size. Expect to pay about £925 for one without modifications. A new one costs around £2,100.

New high cube containers cost about £1,650 for 6.1m by 2.44m (20’ by 8’) and £2,250 for 12.2m by 2.44m (40’ by 8’).

Prices for containers smaller than 6.1m by 2.44m (20’ by 8’) are cheaper, but the price is not proportional. A new 2.44m by 2.44m (8’ by 8’), for instance, can cost £1,050.

If you’re thinking of buying a used container, check for any guarantee. A supplier’s refurbishment generally includes resealing and repainting. As a result, the container should come with some assurance that it is waterproof and fire resistant.

All the foregoing prices are ex-Vat and delivery.

Storage Container Rental

Renting is the best way to proceed if you only want a container for a limited time. The weekly price ranges for standard steel containers are roughly as follows.

Weekly Price Ranges
3.05m by 2.44m (10’ by 8’) £11.00 - £13.00
6.1m by 2.44m (20’ by 8’) £12.00 - £14.50
9.15m by 2.44m (30’ by 8’) £22.00 - £25.00
12.2m by 2.44m (40’ by 8’) £28.00 - £32.00

Some suppliers also offer daily rental packages from £1.99 for a 6.1m by 2.44m (20’ by 8’).

Storage Container Lease

The advantage of leasing is twofold.

  • you can extend the cost of the container over a fixed period
  • you can incorporate a servicing package (useful if you have a heated or refrigerated unit).

This assumes, of course, that you want the container for a long time (more than 18 months, say). If this isn’t the case, check the leasing agreement for details of any penalties for early return. Also remember that if you have a lease-and-buy arrangement, you will pay more for the container in the long run than the initial cost of buying it outright.

On the other hand, with some leasing agreements, you never own the container but have the opportunity to change it. If this suits your circumstances, then it’s worth considering.

Finally, spend a little time making some calculations. You should find that the cost of a lease is cheaper than renting for any period greater than 18 months. You can also reduce the cost further by leasing a used rather than new container.

Delivering Your Storage Containers

No matter what option you choose – buying, renting or leasing – delivery is extra and depends heavily on the amount of distance that needs to be covered so always ask for a delivery and pickup quote before coming to any agreement. Some suppliers offer a flat fee within a certain area; others calculate the delivery charge per mile. If you’re using a local supplier, the charge should start from around £60.00.

Also ask about the delivery date. If a supplier has a container available, it's normally possible to deliver within 24 to 72 hours. A container that needs to be modified, on the other hand, may take some weeks to arrive.

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