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Choosing a UK Storage Container Supplier

Storage Container Buyers' Guide

The size of a potential storage container supplier isn’t necessarily the most important factor. There are several other factors you should consider before you make a decision about who to use.

Container Price

When calculating price, take account of the delivery and pickup costs. These can make a considerable difference, especially with a short rental.

Speed of delivery

Ask how long you’ll have to wait for delivery. Then decide if the answer meets your needs.


This often proves the most relevant point. Local suppliers should charge reasonable delivery and pickup fees since they don't have far to go (or have to burn as much petrol doing so). Their proximity also gives you the chance to visit their premises, and talk direct to representatives.

Industry Knowledge

Such conversations will soon tell you how much each supplier knows about the container industry. You’ll also establish how keen a supplier is to get your business and retain it.

Feedback from other Buyers
Always ask suppliers for references. Ideally, you want these from people in the same business as you. Then follow up by contacting these people and asking a few pertinent questions.

  • Are you prepared to use the supplier in the future?
  • Did the supplier resolve difficulties to your satisfaction?
  • Did the supplier give you suitable advice about financing the storage containers?
  • Were there any hidden charges?
  • Did the container arrive in clean, usable condition?
  • How long did you have to wait for delivery?
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