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CMS System Prices

CMS Systems Buyers' Guide

The popularity of content management systems has exploded over the last decade as people have realised that they can get the control they desire without having to bankrupt their company by doing so. An expanded number of suppliers means that CMS system prices are now hugely competitive.

Cheap CMS Systems

The cheapest option for a CMS is to go with a pre-existing ‘off-the-shelf’ package.

These are available for as little as £700, depending on the level of intricacy you require and how much control to need to have over all the elements of your website. These simpler packages are a great entry level solution if you are looking to integrate a controlled solution within an existing system. If you are looking for a simple way to control the content shown on your website then this could be the answer.

Enterprise CMS Solutions

For larger businesses a pre-designed solution will not be enough. If you are looking to have complete control over every element of your website, allowing multiple users access to different areas of the site whilst ensuring the website’s security and validity, then a bespoke solution is the only option.

A developer will work with you to assemble a new website with full CMS functionality. The design of the site and the CMS will complement each other and work in perfect unity.

This sort of bespoke solution built to your individual specifications from the ground up can cost anywhere upwards of £2000, although the more advanced systems will cost upwards of £10,000.

This may seem like a large spend, but over time the convenience and dynamism of the new system will pay for itself.

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