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Comparing CMS Web Developers

CMS Systems Buyers' Guide

Choosing a CMS web developer to build your new system doesn’t have to be a huge headache, but it should be something that you spend some time on.

Making Your Choice: What to Consider

There now exists a huge number of developers that claim to be proficient at CMS builds, but you need to find the company that best suits your requirements. Spending some time researching different companies is vital in order to make sure that you work with the best possible company for your money.

  • Are you going bespoke or ‘off the shelf’?
    This question is obviously cost-dependent, but you need to work out whether you will opt for a pre-existing package or employ a company to build you a solution from scratch. Making this decision will have a huge impact on what kind of company you will choose to work with.
  • Is it a new build, or do you want the CMS to integrate with your existing website?
    It is sometimes possible for a developer to integrate a content management system into your existing website. However, this may prove to be more complicated, and therefore more expensive, than starting afresh with a new build.
  • Experience and expertise.
    Because you are putting a lot of responsibility in the hands of the CMS developer, you need to be able to trust that they will do a great job for you and your company.
    Take time to look at their previous projects (they should proudly display these achievements on their website) and read testimonials from previous clients. Whewre possible try to find companies through recommendations from colleagues or friends.
  • Don't over-buy.
    Be wary of companies that try to sell you something you don’t need: you may only need the most simple of solutions eg the ability to update your news page on your website, so don’t feel pressured to buy a fully bespoke CMS system unless you really need one.
  • Training for you and your staff.
    Make sure that training is included in your package. The development company should make it a necessity to train you and your staff so that you can get the most out of every element of your new system.
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