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Introduction to e-commerce

Ecommerce Buyer's Guide

E-commerce (electronic commerce) can give your business a major boost. If you have a product or service that's deliverable via the Internet or by post, and you want to expand your company nationally or even globally, e-commerce can be the answer.

E-commerce is the process conducting transactions electronically, on the Internet. Many products are suitable for this including food, clothes, CDs, DVDs, electrical goods, holidays, books and general household products. The only items you'll have difficulty selling online are larger, expensive ones that buyers may want to see and experience. Examples of these are vehicles and homes.

The purpose of this Buyer's Guide is to help you decide on the best e-commerce solution for your needs. It contains useful information about

  • hosting
  • software
  • providers
  • shopping carts
  • prices

It also has invaluable tips throughout on buying the right e-commerce package.

It's important to note, however, that e-commerce is often just one aspect of a website. This means that website designers may have e-commerce solutions for you, but e-commerce service providers won't necessarily offer what you need for the rest of your website. So if you plan to create a website as well as an e-commerce facility, please read the Website Design Buyerws Guide first. Alternatively use this E-commerce Guide and then get quotes from a range of e-commerce service providers.

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