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Updating your website

Web Site Design Buyer's Guide

Some websites are neglected for months and even years. The owners place them on the Internet and simply leave them without any thought about how and when to update them.

If you want your website to be truly worthwhile and an integral part of your business, you'll need to update it regularly - at least once very three months. And if you're using the site for e-commerce, you'll have to access it and make changes every week, and possibly every day.

There are different ways of tackling updates. You don't have to make a firm decision before you start the web design process but you need some idea of what you intend to do. You can begin by asking website design suppliers what they recommend bearing in mind your budget, in-house expertise and objectives. The suppliers are likely to present options along the following lines.

  • Update in-house. A suitably experienced in-house member of staff can update your website even though an external provider designed and built it. You must, however, ask the provider for any relevant codes and software to access the site details.
  • Content management systems. If you ask your website design supplier for a content management system, this will allow you to change the content of your site without using a programming language. The cost of such a system varies according to the size and nature of your website, but you may feel this is a good investment because you won't have to rely on the website design supplier to implement your requests.
  • Let the website design supplier deal with any updates. If this is your preferred approach, ensure you know exactly how much the update work will cost and the company's response times.

You may prefer to use a method that combines elements of two or all of the above. Change your product details in-house, for instance, and refer design updates to your website design supplier.

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