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To be seen in the modern business world you have to have web presence. When businesses are searching for a service they are most likely to begin by using an internet search engine. You need to make sure you are visible here, or you risk missing out on many new business opportunities.

You also need to have a website address for any advertising you do, whether it is a print advert or simply on a business card. It gives you recognisable credibility in an instant if you have a decent website. Think about the brands and websites you personally trust and admire. If you can achieve this yourself then it stands your business in good stead.

Website Development Buyers' Guide

What is Website Development?

Web Development is the collective term for the creation of a website from start to finish. The website industry is so broad that this could incorporate various services...

Where to Find Web Developers

Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who is a web developer, or have someone in-house with the skills, you will have to search outside for the expertise required...

Choosing a Web Development Agency

Choosing a web development agency is a big investment, and one that could be costly if it goes wrong. So make sure you do as much research as possible...

Planning a Website and Constructing a Brief

The brief should make it clear to a supplier what your target audience is, the market you are in, and what you ultimately aim to achieve with the website...

Website Building Costs

Trying to pin an exact figure on web development costs is of course impossible. There are a range of factors that will influence the total cost to you when going through the development process...

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