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Planning a Website and Constructing a Brief

Web Development Buyers' Guide

In order to obtain the most accurate quotes from the website development agencies you approach you'll need to provide them with a website brief. This is a document that expalins exactly what you require from your website and which determines how the web developers will go about solving your problem. Drawing up a website brief for the first time can be a somewhat daunting prospect so here we provide a few hints and tips.

Set Out Your Problem Clearly

The brief should make it clear to a supplier what your target audience is, the market you are in, and what you ultimately aim to achieve with the website. The supplier will then come up with a solution based on the information given, which will in turn determine the price quoted, so it is best to be as accurate and realistic as possible when constructing your brief.

What to Include

Within this brief outline exactly what you would like. For example, list all of the pages you will need to update on a regular basis. It goes without saying that the depth of your planning will have a bearing on the end product. It is your money, and your vision so make sure the agency understand that fully. Try to leave out any ambiguous statements and focus the brief on being instructive, clear and concise.

Provide as Much Detail as Possible

Constructing your brief is all about getting your ideas on the page. The web development agency will have the expertise to influence the best way to achieve your goals. They will know what's possible and what is out of reach for you. Your initial plan will almost inevitably have to change along the way, but a good brief supplies the foundations needed to ensure a positive outcome.

It's Worth the Effort

A quality brief will give the web development agency all the information they need, whether that be basic info about your company or technical ideas you have for the website. Everything needs to be covered, and you should have a clear vision in mind of the way it needs to represent your brand. If you are struggling with this then the development agency should be able to help you. The planning and constructing of a website brief may not sound to enthralling, but the work you put in at this stage will be reflected in the final product.

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