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Web Development Buyers' Guide

Trying to pin an exact figure on web development costs is of course impossible. There are a range of factors that will influence the total cost to you when going through the development process. At the start of this process you are to likely have a concept of the budget you have overall. This will obviously give you a starting point for when you talk to potential suppliers.

Shifting Goalposts

This starting point may be subject to change when twinned with your brief. The company will assess your requirements and your budget and respond with a quote they feel is relevant and realistic. They may tell you that certain things are not possible with your budget, and you may wish to amend your requirements. Web development is no misnomer - it can take time to develop your ideas into a mutually viable project.

Minimum Costs

Based upon the fact that any cost is totally dependent on the individual situation, it is very difficult to give a pinpoint price range. The only definite guideline is that you should be looking to spend a minimum of 1,000 on a web development package. This is for a fairly basic web development project. However, most of the larger agencies will have a minimum job cost of higher than this amount.

Fixed Price Packages

Agencies may also offer fixed-price packages which can make it easier for you. It is worth asking if you can tweak these packages to suit you. Normally a web development agency will ask for a percentage deposit of the agreed total value in order to get started on your website build. Then upon completion the full amount is due.

Run-on Costs

Some may offer alternative payment packages which include ongoing fees for support and web management. When selecting an agency always make sure that they have explained exactly what the project will cost you. You need to know exactly what you are getting for your money. It may also be worth asking about aftercare and the possibility of add-ons further down the line.

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