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Finding a Web Developer

Web Development Buyers' Guide

Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who is a web developer, or have someone in-house with the skills, you will have to search outside for the expertise required. The web design and development industries have become extremely competitive over the last decade or so. With a vast and growing selection of companies to choose from, you need a starting point...

Internet Search Engines

Much like a potential customer of yours, perhaps the easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use an internet search engine. As a starting point it is a great way to introduce yourself to the type of companies out there. An important benefit of using the internet is that you can do some research into web development itself.

It is certainly worth researching the different possibilities and services on offer. It is useful also to understand what a web developer can actually do for you as it may be different from your original idea. Once you know what you are searching for it becomes far easier to find a company that suits.

The disadvantage to using a search engine is choice. Although that sounds like a good thing, it may feel as though you are bombarded with many different companies to choose from. Companies in the top three positions will have paid for the privilege, while companies on the 'organic' listings below have earned their spots by quality of content on their website. It is worth bearing this in mind when choosing which pages to view.

Quote Comparison Service

An easy way to get multiple quotes for minimum effort is to use a quote comparison service like the one on offer from this website. You will be required to fill out a 'request for quote' form which will detail the plans you have for any prospective web developer. You'll then be matched up with relevant suppliers who will give you individual quotes relating to the work you need to be done. This method saves you time and presents you with enough choice, and could also save you money.

Word of Mouth

If you can't find what you need on the internet, then the best advice would be to ask colleagues or friends in your industry if they have any recommendations. Word of mouth is a very powerful signal but you should beware of setting all your store by one recommendation. You could also look in directories, trade magazines and print advertising if you are stuck for ideas.

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