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An Introduction to Franking Machines

Franking Machines Buyers' Guide

With the Royal Mail increasing stamp prices by as much as 40% on some types of mail from April 30th 2012 there's never been a more appropriate time to consider getting a franking machine. As well as saving you considerable amounts of money on postage as compared to stamps, franking machines can also reduce the labour required for getting your mailshots together and save you from those annoying last minute dashes to the post office.

This Buyers' Guide will take you through the franking machine basics and outline the most important factors when choosing between machines, purchase/rental arrangements, service contracts and suppliers. Before we get to that though, the most immediate question is this: is it worth you getting one?

Will a Franking Machine Save You Money?

If you spend more than around 50 per month on postage your business will undoubtedly benefit from a franking machine. In addition to the convenience and time saved, being able to print exact postage and avoid stamps will save you money. However, you still need to be careful to select the best franking machine for your needs and budget to fully realise these savings. To start, consider these basic questions:

  • How much does my office spend on postage each month?
  • How many pieces of mail does my office send on both an average and a busy day?
  • Does my office send mostly standard letters, or a variety of packages of different weights and sizes?

Armed with answers to those questions, the following sections of this guide will help you decide which features are most important in selecting a franking machine and help you choose the right franking machine supplier for your business.

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