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Franking Machine Postal Scales

Franking Machines Buyers' Guide

Franking machines print your postage based on the rates and regulations of Royal Mail. Because postage rates are determined by both the size and the weight of the item you are sending, you need postal scales to weigh letters and packages and indicate the appropriate postage for each postal class. With modern franking machines the scale is often incorporated into the machine itself so that the correct postage is programmed and printed automatically rather than you having to work it out yourself.

How Scales can Save you Money

When you use a scale, you minimise the overpayment that occurs when you attach extra stamps to packages because you do not have the exact "change" or because you are not exactly sure of the cost. Studies have estimated the savings to a typical business at up to 20 percent from this factor alone.

Newer digital scales connect directly to the franking machine so the correct postage is automatically entered, which is useful if you often send packages of varied weights. They may also provide price information on other carriers.

Each time there is a postage tariff update your franking machine will need to be recalibrated to take account of the new weights and rates. Often this is merely a matter of the machine downloading the latest software update over a telephone line. Your franking machine supplier provides the appropriate update and often charges for it - so be sure to check the amount.

Spring Scales

Spring scales do not offer all of the perks that digital scales do. But for low-volume work primarily involving letters, spring scales are a cheap and functional solution.

Spring scales can cost as little as 25 while digital scales can run into hundreds of pounds. You can also rent a scale - a small digital scale for a small business costs about 3.50 per month.

Also bear in mind that the thickness and size of your mail can affect the postage price. Franking machine manufacturers and suppliers can provide thickness and size guides or you can refer directly to the Royal Mail website.

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