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Franking Machine Service Contracts

Franking Machines Buyers' Guide

If you opt to lease your equipment then you won't require a franking machine service contract because the owner - the manufacturer or reseller - is responsible for repairs on the unit (as long as you've been using it reasonably). But before leasing a machine make sure you understand how the manufacturer will handle repairs: will you have to ship it somewhere? Or does the manufacturer have technicians in your area who can come to your office? Long periods of downtime could seriously eat into your savings and make a franking machine more costly than expected.

Service Contracts for Bought Franking Machines

If you own a franking machine, you may want to take out a service contract with an approved company - this will usually be the company you bought the machine from. The company will then ensure the machine meets the standards required for the annual inspection, perhaps arrange that inspection for you, provide tariff updates, regular maintenance and even provide consumables like ink and ribbons.

Service contracts for a franking machine may cost 5 percent to 10 percent of the purchase price. Each supplier will normally have two or three levels of support at different prices - try to work out how much you'll be using your franking machine and choose the right support package accordingly. If you're unsure then it's wise to choose the lower level of support and upgrade later if necessary rather than wasting a considerable sum on services you don't need.

Franking Machine Postage Refills

Gone are the days of lugging your franking machine to the post office to add more postage. You can add postage to most modern machines by phone or by connecting them to the Internet, and through a direct debit account with Royal Mail. If there is a change to postage rates then the franking machine can automatically download the new tariff and recalculate your prices.

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