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Franking Machine Rental Costs

Franking Machines Buyers' Guide

Depending on the features you choose for your franking machine, you can find yourself paying anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds a year to frank your mail - not including the cost of the postage - if you lease the machine. Most companies take the leasing route as franking machine rental prices often include upgrades and maintenance. If you want to buy a franking machine outright, the cost can start at around 450 and rise to tens of thousands of pounds. Postage rates, of course, are set by Royal Mail, and franking machine manufacturers are prohibited from marking them up, so you do not need to compare postage costs.

Leasing a Franking Machine

You can lease a very basic franking machine for around 18 per month plus VAT. Add on complex feeding and automation systems and the costs can escalate up to 70 - 350+ per month.

While you can lease a franking machine one year at a time, most vendors will encourage you to sign up for at least a three-year term. But you usually have the flexibility of a shorter term if the thought of being tied into a three-year agreement does not sit well with you.

Some companies base their rates on usage: after the first year, monthly franking machine pricing is based on your average monthly postage for the previous year. Keep in mind that rates can only go up; if your usage drops, your franking machine rate for the following year will not necessarily be adjusted accordingly. Other companies simply change their rates from year to year regardless of your usage. When comparing systems from different providers, make sure to get all the relevant details on rental or leasing prices.

There is more flexibility in pricing for bases and scales. For instance, you may decide to lease the franking machine but buy the base and scales. Depending on the options, bases range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds while scales range from around 25 to hundreds of pounds.

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