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Franking Machines

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Tips for Buying a Franking Machine

Franking Machines Buyers' Guide

While franking machine rates do tend to be fairly inflexible, you may be able to get deals like free lease or rental months. Sales reps will often throw in six months to one year of free franking machine lease or rental to close a deal for a costly system.

Use your PC

If your average monthly bill for postage is less than 35 but you are looking for a more efficient mailing solution, you may want to check out the Royal Mail system of printing postage directly from your computer.

Postage rate changes

Manufacturers usually offer a postage rate update service for your franking machine. Ensure you check out the likely cost before you buy a machine. If you are leasing, find out if the updates are included in the monthly charge. Also note that digital scales can automatically update rate information through an Internet connection.

Become "supply savvy"

Not everything needs to be purchased from your vendor. Many consumables, such as mailing tape and sealing liquid, are often cheaper when purchased at independent dealers or office supply stores. Remember, however, that you must buy your ink from the manufacturer or supplier in accordance with Royal Mail's terms and conditions for your franking machine licence.

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