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How to Choose an Email Marketing Company

Email Marketing Buyers' Guide

Launching an email marketing campaign through an experienced company could dramatically change the fortunes of your business - as long as you make the right choice of provider...

Points to Consider

A huge number of companies offer email marketing services. When choosing a company it is worth keeping the following points in mind:

  • Where does their data come from? A good company should be able to let you know how they gather their data. If you know that the data is coming from a reliable, relevant source then you will feel confident that the emails you are sending will be arriving in the inboxes of the right people.
  • Can they provide accurate and helpful data on the results of your campaign? In order to know that your campaign is working and how to tinker with the campaign to make it a success you need to get the most in-depth and helpful results possible presented in a clearly presented format.
  • Can the email marketing company help you with content and presentation? Most quality providers can offer their services in sculpting your message in the most effective way possible.
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