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Email Marketing Costs

Email Marketing Buyers' Guide

It is impossible to give an accurate figure on how much an email marketing campaign will cost due to the huge number of variables involved. We can however isolate the factors which make the biggest contribution to cost.

Email Marketing Cost Factors

The overall cost of the campaign will depend on the following factors:

  • The size of the list that you need
    Obviously the more contacts you require, the greater the cost. However, certain companies will reward you for requesting more contacts by offering you deals on a larger list.
  • How readily available the information is
    Some lists, especially if what you are looking for is very specific, may cost more than others to assemble.
  • Are you buying or renting the data?
    Buying will invariably lead to a higher up-front cost
  • Do you want the Email Marketing company to handle the campaign for you?
    If you are simply renting the data, do you want the provider to write and send the emails and do you require a details breakdown of results?

Make sure that you are working with an Email Marketing company that really understands what you hope to achieve. You should feel confident that they understand your business and the type of customer you wish to make contact with. A close relationship will ensure that you get the most out this and any future campaigns that you wish to launch.

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