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Email Marketing is a fast, focused and cost effective way of contacting your target market. No matter what product or service you are looking to promote, email marketing can get you and your company noticed by the right people at the touch of a button. Stop wasting time and money through exploratory and speculative marketing methods and get your company noticed now...

Email Marketing Buyers' Guide

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email Marketing allows you to directly contact businesses and consumers who you wish to sell a product or service to...

B2B and B2C Email Marketing List Brokers

Once you have had a think about what type of company or individual you are looking to target, an Email Marketing company can advise you on what kind of data they have available...

Buying an Email Address Database

Most Email Marketing companies will give you the option to Buy or Rent their email data...

Choosing an Email Marketing Company

A huge number of companies offer Email Marketing services. When choosing a company it is worth keeping the following points in mind...

Email Marketing Costs

The overall cost of the campaign will depend on the following factors...


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