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Direct mail service introduction

Direct Mail Services Buyer's Guide

One of the best ways of marketing a product or service is by direct mail.

  • You can place your sales offer and business details straight into the homes of targeted customers
  • The cost is cheaper than television and radio advertising
  • You can easily judge the results by matching the number of replies to the size of the campaign

If you use a direct mail company, you can streamline this campaign by contracting out the printing, labelling and despatch of your sales material. You can also draw on the company's expertise to write and design this material to increase your response rate. Above all, a direct mail company can help you expand your business by providing lists of potential customers who have previously bought products or services comparable to yours.

This BuyerZone Direct Mail Buyer's Guide tells you how the direct mail business works and how to take full advantage of the services on offer. It explains

  • the decisions you need to make about your direct mail campaign
  • the types of direct mail marketing available
  • how to prepare your campaign
  • the services the direct mail companies provide
  • how to choose a suitable direct mail company
  • the likely cost of a direct mail campaign
  • tips about direct mail services

Once you've read this, you can contact a range of direct mail companies for free quotes and get your campaign off to the best possible start.

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