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How to Choose a PR Consultancy

PR Agencies Buyers' Guide

Possibly the most influential factor in this process will be your assessment of the PR agency's previous work and clients.

Relevant Experience

Obviously a company with particular experience relevant to industry you operate within is attractive but do not forget to consider the breadth of their experience and knowledge. Perhaps the campaign you have in mind requires skills outside their previous experience, even if their knowledge of the industry is sound.

This point is particularly relevant if you already deal with some PR yourself, in-house. A big project simply might just require greater resources than you have at your immediate disposal. Striking a balance between the in-house work and outsourcing might well be the solution.

Check References

Review as many case studies and press clippings as you can, generally a PR firm will be more than happy to provide these, and do not be shy asking for particular references from previous clients, these will be possibly the most qualified to tell you about the effectiveness of any particular agency.

Although it may prove a decision less based on references and logic, do not ignore the need to find a 'good fit'. You and your PR firm will work best together if you are on the same page, with complimentary objectives.

Adjust Your Expectations

Budget carefully for any particular project and by all means be prepared to negotiate but you will probably find the range of quotations larger than expected. Do not agree to something you can not afford but at the same time be aware that a low budget will probably not go very far in the PR world.

You may be looking for help with one specific project but it is important to keep an open mind and long term perspective with PR. Consider how any particular firm might help with future projects, as well as the growth and development of an overall communication strategy.

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