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The Importance of Good Public Relations

PR Agencies Buyers' Guide

Reputation can have a wide ranging impact on your business. A good reputation can build customer confidence and retention. A poor reputation damages your standing within the community and could even affect the bottom line of your business and stock value.

Managing Your Reputation

Good PR will improve reputations and bad PR management can ruin it. Managing reputation is where PR agencies come in. In simple terms their job is to know what your customers think of your business and what they want from your company, but it can also encompass managing the opinion not only of your employees, but also of public and community organisations.

The key to PR is adaptation. People act based on their perception of facts, and opinions change, often swiftly, and a sharp swing in a company's reputation can drastically risk their fortunes.

Improving Communications

But good PR is not just about keeping ahead of the game politically and it may be better to think of PR as an effective tool for opening communication lines with your customers and utilising that communication to help with the ongoing growth and development of your business. Essential if you are to stay up to date and relevant in the marketplace.

PR can be used to influence opinion, when used to build consumer awareness and good relationships with the press, but it is just as useful to identify problems and challenges, as well as monitor progress against any such issues.

The tools of PR may be brought to bear upon a single product however more often it will be used to effectively manage the overall branding of a company.

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