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Creating a Buzz: Publicity and Events PR

PR Agencies Buyers' Guide

PR is about building and maintaining brand support via honest and relevant communication, both with consumers and the media. It is very important to keep this in mind when it comes to a large publicity event or product launch.

Clarify Your Goals

A large event could run to considerable expense and it may seem obvious but the first thing to do is, as objectively as possible, to evaluate whether any particular event is worth the time and money it will inevitably swallow up.

This means having clear objectives (and ultimately some way in which to evaluate these objectives). Are you trying to reach out to new customers and markets, or are you planning the event as a thank you or celebration of your existing support?

Plan Ahead

The PR job begins long before the launch of a particular product and a PR firm should be given at least 3 to 12 months notice in order to develop the credibility needed to underpin visibility.

Put simply, having advertising billboards all over town is not much use if consumers already have low confidence in your product, or the billboards appear two days before your event. Positive media coverage, garnered over a decent length of time as a result of good PR work is much more trustworthy, and will contribute much more to the success of the event.

A big PR event or launch should be viewed as the culmination of a PR strategy, rather than the start. The run up to the event is the time a PR company should be building those relationships within the industry for your business and also within the wider community, identifying new and wider audiences, perhaps outside of the original brief.

Any Other Business

Planning and organisation are the key words for events PR and given proper consideration will alleviate much of the headache that can occur due to logistics and spending. Make sure you know where you are along every step of the way. Budget for specific tasks and remember the general rule that anything needed last minute will inevitably cost more or be compromised in quality.

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