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Where to Look for the best PR Companies

PR Agencies Buyers' Guide

Not so long ago the only ways to find a good PR firm where either by using an established industry directory or by going on advice from trusted business contacts and friends.

These methods are by no means irrelevant today and you may find that recommendations, especially from journalism contacts, provide an invaluable and useful perspective.

Go Online

But what you do have now in addition is the internet. Any PR company worth its salt will have a website and you will find these full of examples, case histories and recommendations of their work. You will also get an immediate sense of whether or not they seem a right fit for your company.

Business networking sites and directories will quickly tell you which companies work together and where in the country they can be found.

Shop Local

Location is important of course, after all communication is key to PR and being able to meet regularly with the people running your campaign will make a profound difference to its effectiveness, however it may be worth looking a little further afield if any nearby PR agencies cannot offer the experience and knowledge you need.

Build a Shortlist

Once you have it narrowed down to a short-list of perhaps 5 contenders, it is a good idea to arrange meetings with representatives, if nothing else to see how you get on. Ask the short-listed firms to draw up proposals for you on how they would best publicise your project. You should probably not be too prescriptive at this stage, as that can wait for a full PR brief where you can outline detailed targets and objectives, but provide them with some background on your company and product at least.

Once they have all made proposals, you will find yourself more informed and in a much better position to make a choice.

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