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Brochure, Leaflet and Catalogue Printing

Printing Services Buyers' Guide

A good rule of thumb when producing brochures, leaflets and catalogues is not to focus solely on spending the least amount of money.

The Cost-Quality Trade Off

Yes, it is important to get a good deal but always try to balance this with quality. To an extent this will depend on what the brochures or catalogues are for but a brochure may well be the costumers first experience of a product and it makes sense to use a brochure to try to reflect (and even inform) the nature and quality of the product within its pages.

Paper Quality

Lower grade papers are cheaper and tempting, especially when viewing prices online, but a good indication of paper quality will be its thickness (GSM or grams per square inch) and will usually suggest the 'heaviness' of the paper. Greater weight implies greater quality and a lot of the success of a brochure lies in the degree to which it is pleasant to handle. A flimsy leaflet 'feels' disposable and will more often than not, be just that.

Inks and Finishes

The use of quality inks and finishes will also affect the look and feel of a product. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure the materials used compliment each other . There is such a wide range that it is best to be guided by the knowledge and experience of the printer.

Quality of Design

A well designed leaflet can help a company to stand out from the crowd but a poorly executed print job can just as easily make a business disappear and blend in with competitors. Taking time over the design is the best way to avoid this. A lot of printing companies will offer a design service, which of course can be very useful. It's worth remembering though that a printing firm, unlike a design company, is unlikely to be motivated to produce unique and different work.

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