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Comparing Printing Quotes

Printing Services Buyers' Guide

Comparing printing quotes can be a lot more complicated than it would first seem.

Factors Affecting Print Costs

Given the range of options available quotes can vary enormously and remember that a quotation is not just for 1000 copies of a 40 page brochure, which may well have been the total of the initial brief, but a printer will need to consider the type of paper used (which may be different for the covers), the binding method, the quality of the ink and finish, not to mention the design costs and available time to complete the work.

Different Quoting Methods

Some commercial printing companies offer online quote tools which can be useful to establish a base price which can then be used to compare against other quotations. More commonly companies will prefer to talk over a job before offering prices. This will certainly be the best way to establish time frames and will probably serve as a good indication of other factors, such as customer service and reliability.

Gathering as many quotations as time allows is always time well spent but, as mentioned the process can get unduly complicated so make sure any printing company is quoting for the job specified and not for lower quality work.

Budget Considerations

Ultimately budget will be the limiting factor of course but if two companies are offering vastly different prices for the same job it does not always pay to go for the cheapest option, especially when quality and reliability can have such an impact on the finished product.

Don't Rush In...

Shopping around can be key, and more than worth the effort. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from a printing company on the methods and materials used, certainly an experienced and reputable firm will have no problem providing a full breakdown of costs and options if, worst comes to worst, they are unable to complete the work to the required specification.

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