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How to Choose a Printing Company

Printing Services Buyers' Guide

When it comes to choosing a printing company from the quotations offered a few things are still to be considered...

Shop Around

If there is a rough budget, established from experience or using an online tool, how does this compare to what companies have to offer? Never be afraid to give a few different companies a phone call, after all, it's impossible to haggle with online order forms.

Try to avoid commonly held assumptions like, small firms are more expensive, or even, local companies offer better customer service, and always get quotes from a range of businesses, large and small, the results may well be surprising.

Be Prepared

The best advice is to be as prepared as possible. Have everything ready before looking for quotations. The broader your specifications, the broader the quotes will be. There may be factors that you have not considered in your original design work, so be prepared to be guided and advised by a knowledgeable and experienced printer.

If substantial design work is needed, you need to be confident that any chosen printer is up to the job and is likely to produce the sort of thing you are looking for. Again, it can be costly to be vague.

Always have a realistic idea of volume because the biggest cost, especially for commercial printing firms, is setting up a print run. They usually will not be keen on print volumes less than several thousand copies, but of course they may reconsider if you intend to return to them every couple of months for the same job.

Leave Plenty of Time

Place an order as early as possible because printing on short notice will cost a lot more and inevitably will produce a disappointing product.

Do not forget that the peace of mind that comes with using a trusted firm that you have a good relationship with can prove invaluable.

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