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Professional Printing Services Introduction

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Even in a rapidly advancing digital age almost every business will still need paper and printed materials. Better technology in a supposedly paperless society has reduced the reliance on print media but the chances of it disappearing altogether are remote.

Standing the Test of Time

From last minute flyers to professionally headed paper every business at some point will need some level of professional printing service. Despite the availability of cheap copiers and printers, few outside the printing industry itself will be able to achieve the quality that a professional printing business can.

Your business may have invested in a large and expensive copier but these are best left to day to day copying needs as any high volume job will often result in a bigger bill and a lesser product than outsourcing to a professional set-up.

Digital and Litho Printing

Printing companies are generally divided into two camps, offering two different methods of production. These are broadly speaking, a choice of lithographic (offset) and digital printing. Offset printing still involves the production of metal or rubber plates, which are inked and then used to transfer an image to paper.

The plates are the biggest expense in this method of printing but once these have been made additional costs are very low, meaning that for a high quality, high volume job, this is often the best option.

Digital printing, on the other hand, does not require the production of any bespoke plates and operates on much the same principle as any modern home computer printer. As such, set-up costs and time are greatly reduced.

Finding a Printing Company

Not so long ago finding a printer meant searching the high street for a copy shop but these days digital printing can be carried out almost entirely online, making it a good option for a job that needs to be completed on short notice. There was also a time when a substantial gap existed between the quality possible via lithographic and digital printing. This gap is ever narrowing but still very much depends upon the quality of the materials used.

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