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Why Use a Hot Drinks Vending Machine?

Coffee Machines Buyers' Guide

Maybe you are looking to provide or improve basic catering facilities for your staff or perhaps you are looking to set up a new revenue stream for your business by selling hot drinks to customers. Whatever your motivation, hot drinks vending machines could be the perfect solution.

Keeping Staff Happy

Most businesses offer some kind of catering facility for their staff and most office workers have come to expect at least the basic provision of a way to make a hot drink. Often this will simply take the form of a kettle (and a fridge in which to keep the milk). And this is probably perfectly adequate for a small office with a few staff but increase the number of employees and very soon the convenience and speed a vending machine can offer starts to make a significant impact.


You may wonder how installing a new and costly vending machine may benefit you and your business but if you consider how much time and energy is used every day in office kitchens waiting for the kettle to boil or for the coffee percolator to finish dripping and how much this time and energy is costing your business you may start to realise how much a vending machine could save you.

Finding the Right Machine for You

Coffee machines come in a whole range of styles and sizes, including bean to cup, pod, filter, and instant vending machines, not to mention table-top and free-standing options. Choosing the most appropriate machine for your business will depend on how many people you need to provide drinks for, who you intend to charge for the drinks and where you want to put the machine.

Cleaner Quicker Cheaper

Traditional vending machines prepare and mix drinks internally, whilst 'in-cup' machines vend cups contain pre-mixed ingredients optimised for greater consistency. Either of these options promises less waste, fewer spillages and a more hygienic kitchen environment.

Costly Changes to Your Office?

Contrary to popular belief, most vending machines do not need extensive and costly installation. Usually you just need reasonably close access to a 13 amp electricity supply and ideally the ability to connect to a water supply. Even this is not mandatory though as there is a range of vending machines with isolated water tanks (these will need filling up regularly however!).

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