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Photocopier memory

Colour Copiers Buyer's Guide

Digital photocopiers use the same type of memory found in PCs. This RAM memory allows digital copiers to do a number of automated functions. In general, the more functions you want your copier to do, the more memory it will need. If it does not have enough memory, then output may slow down significantly and certain functions may not be available.

Memory allocation will vary between different models of copier. Some will set aside memory for each particular function, whereas others will define one large resource of memory that any function is free to access. Check the model that interests you to see how it handles this. If a particular function is essential for you, it would be in your interest if the machine always guaranteed that memory would be available for this function.

Adding memory to a digital photocopier is now more and more a standard operation, just as with PCs. Be wary however of manufacturers who still insist on proprietary memory. Where possible, choose a machine that will accept standard memory.

Copier memory
Copiers use memory to retain an image of the original page and make as many copies as required, without having to feed the same sheets of paper through again. If there are any limitations concerning multiple page documents, they will often be due to insufficient memory.

Make sure your machine has at least 16 megabytes (MB) of main copier memory, which will allow you to make use of most advanced features and copy fairly detailed multi-page documents.

Fax memory
Each megabyte of fax memory holds about 60 - 80 pages. Unless you expect to receive many faxes outside of office hours, the fax memory supplied with a copier (often 3MB or more) will probably be sufficient.

Printer memory
As with the copying, printing is more efficient and faster with more memory. Exact performance will depend on the type of printing that you want to do. As an example, a printer language like Postscript uses a relatively large amount of memory and can be slow if memory is too limited.

New digital photocopiers now often provide upwards of 128MB of memory for the printing function alone, so apart from making sure that you can add more memory if you really need it, this should not be a problem.

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