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An Introduction to Digital Photocopiers

Photocopiers Buyers' Guide

Already part of the office scenery for many years, the photocopier has evolved significantly since the first Xerox plain-paper photocopier of 1959. Even though that first model was fully automated, today's photocopiers are generations ahead in their ability to combine copying, faxing, scanning, and laser printing in a machine that you can access over a computer network.

Buying a Photocopier

Every year upwards of 1.5 million new photocopiers are sold, generating around £12 billion in revenue for the photocopier industry. With a market this big and competitive, photocopier dealers have more than enough motivation to constantly improve their product range as well as their service offering. This means that for the business looking to purchase or lease a copier there's plenty of opportunity for making savings or getting a better deal through extensive shopping around. But before you can do that, you need to acquaint yourself with the digital photocopier basics...

Analogue or digital copiers?

Even until recently the key question when purchasing a photocopier was on the choice of a digital or an analogue machine. Now the answer in the vast majority of cases will always be "digital." Analogue machines, although still available, are unlikely to improve further. In addition, when the machines have similar features, there is very little price difference between analogue and digital copiers.

Digital photocopier machines score over analogue in a number of ways:

  • They can take on the role of copier, fax machine, and network printer/scanner
  • With fewer moving parts, they have better reliability
  • Less noise makes for a better working environment
  • Reproduction of detail and photos is enhanced
  • They allow in-copier image editing
  • Lower power consumption and emissions make them kinder ot the environment

While analogue copiers may once have held a slight advantage in terms of ease of set up and use, modern digital technology and increased familiarity with digital products has rendered that gap meaningless.

This BuyerZone Photocopiers Buyers' Guide will show you how to choose a digital copier by taking you through the most important features and buying options as well as providing advice on choosing a dealer.

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