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Photocopier Features

Photocopiers Buyers' Guide

Making a decision on a photocopier to lease or purchase requires an understanding of what each highlighted feature actually does. Modern digital copiers come with hundreds of add-ons and features and we don't have space to describe them all here. We can get you acqainted with the basics though: these are the classic photocopier features you should familiarise yourself with before deciding on a copier.

Automatic Document Feeders

Being able to put a pile of documents to be photocopied straight into an automatic document feeder allows you to automate a labour-intensive chore. You just press the button to photocopy and the automatic document feeder does the rest. You may also want to copy a significant number of double-sided originals. In this case, a re-circulating automatic document feeder will automatically copy and turn the pages over for you.

Sorting and Finishing Modules

The smarter digital photocopiers can sort sets of documents without any limitation on numbers, simply placing one set of copies at right angles to the next. As the photocopier can do this almost indefinitely, you are not limited by the number of physically separate sorting trays.

Automatic finishing, which often comes at additional cost, can pay for itself rapidly if you photocopy many multi-page documents. Examples include automatic staplers, three-hole punches, and attachments to fold paper.

Paper Trays

You may need a different number of paper trays or sources, depending on the volumes and varieties of copies you need to produce. From a minimum of one fixed-size and one or two adjustable-size paper trays, capacity usually starts at between 50 and 100 sheets of paper and can go up to as much as 3000.

To circumvent the potential problem of heavy paper stocks jamming in the machine if you try to put it in via a standard paper tray, many copiers have a bypass facility whereby these kinds of paper can be fed directly in without making it go around the usual, more circuitous route.

Duplex Copying

This is the ability of tha copier to print on both sides of a piece of paper without manual intervention. Those with environmental concerns should make sure their photoocpier has this feature as it can cut paper usage by 50%

Scan to Email

An integrated scanner cuts down on the number of separate machines you need. A networkable printer/copier/scanner will be able to send a scanned document to a particular user via their email, removing the need for routing scanned files through a shared drive.

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